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Our main product is the glow plug for diesel engines, which are produced entirely in our plants, with a variety of more than 360 models and more than 9000 applications. This allow us to satisfy all of the requirements of the entirely existing brands and models of vehicles in the world, with high quality and reliability recognized throughout the market.

Located at the vanguard of the Diesel industry, we produce Glow Plugs with an exclusive development, which allow us to manufacture in our country a unique product with extended lifespan and with a strategical improvement in the pre-heating and post-heating conditions, which also allowed us to produce glow plugs with unique characteristics all over the world. For this reason, HESCHER glow plugs have the latest technological innovation for the start of Diesel engines, due to the development of reduced heat transference in the post-heating phase. Furthermore, our glow plugs are manufactured under strict international quality standards, based on technological regulation of cobalt, which provides a greater performance and durability, thus achieving an excellent price-quality ratio.


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DELL GROUP DO BRASIL LTDA., It is a Brazilian company specialized in the design, manufacturing and selling of glow plugs for Diesel engines. Rooted in our experience, we have a variety of more than 360 different models that fulfill all of the requirements of the different brands and models of vehicles around the world. We are firmly committed to improving our products ensuring always the maintenance of our quality under the ISO norm 9001-2015 since 2004.

We are continually making investments in order to expand our company and to remain continuously updated. The results obtained towards the dedicated efforts allow us to answer quickly, flexibly and accurately to the different needs of our clients. With the contribution of our dedicated team, we enrich everyday our technical knowledge and the strength of our image. Our aim is to deliver the right product, and we intend to provide always an excellent service.

Our values

  • Profesionalism
  • Consideration
  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • Responsability
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